• David Cohen

    David Cohen has hosted 13 episodes.

    I've been a system administrator and software developer in everything from small businesses, to growing companies (100+ employees), to large tech/engineering firms (10,000+ employees).

    Most of my work has centered around Linux and Unix system administration, Python, Ruby, Javascript, and Go software development, and web security. I've also done stranger things like helping to design two Tier-4 datacenters and being an Infantryman (not at the same time).

    On my tutorialinux YouTube channel, I've helped tens of thousands of people learn the basics (and not-so-basics) of system administration and software engineering.

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  • Jeff Morski

    Jeff Morski has hosted 13 episodes.

    A veteran IT badass, Jeff has worked in everything from Network Engineering, Software Development, Linux System Administration, and DevOps. He is currently a DevOps engineer in the Boston area.

    The above was written by Dave. I'm just your regular sarcastic engineer. You will either love me or hate me. Probably both.

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